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Clementine is a collaborative storytelling platform whose mission is to kindle and nurture curiosity within the creative mind. We explore and elevate the subtle and often elusive elements that hold significance in our lives and work.

Together, we are committed to providing platforms, resources, and opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogues and connect our community. We want to nurture a sense of belonging through collaboration, support, and a spirit of exploration.

We invite you to take part in our second proposition: Ritual.
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Proposition 02: Ritual

How do you use ritual to create meaning in your life? Can you turn a habit into a ritual? What are we pursuing when we embark on a Ritual? This prompt aims to explore the fantasy and reality of Ritual in our daily lives. How we use, and don’t use Ritual to create meaning for ourselves in big and small ways.

Share your story of Ritual here.

Proposition 01: Eutopia

What is our ideal place of well-being? Where do we find our place of least resistance? This project was created to survey ourselves and replicate that feeling. An invitation to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Inspire others and find common ground. Maybe, just maybe this will offer a glimpse of unity. What does paradise look like after all?

Join us and share your Eutopia here.

Clementine is a non-profit project and collaborative storytelling platform founded by artist Lucie Kim and writer Carrie Ingoglia.

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