It is a moment.

A moment of bliss where nothing else matters. It is deep, personal, and private. The feelings are not shared with anyone else. All is within.

I am not alone. Someone else is there. 

It is short. Very short. Outer distractions seep in within minutes. I have to concentrate to stay here. Here, in my happiness.

It triggers memories. Memories of my childhood and carefree being. I imagine laughter even if there is none to be heard. It is a perfect blend of the present and the past. The now reminds me of all the good things that used to be. 

It is not a meditative state. It is an active participation in life. It is a presence shared with another being. My Eutopia is not inward-facing. It is not about me. I cannot experience it on my own. By myself.

This happens as I watch my son take a stick and run it through the creek close to our cabin.

I am listening to the water as it makes its way through the large stones on the ground. I see little dips jumping up in the air. Just for a moment. They almost immediately unite and make their way downstream. The sun sparkles and the dancing reflection turns your mind to what is. 

It is a fleeting moment where nothing else exists. It is almost impossible to think about something else. Even though I feel perfectly present I catapult to the past. To my child’s play. To being present and focused on the moment of bliss. The freedom of the here and now. 

But it is fleeting. A car drives by. 

All is gone. 

A stream, a rock, a stick. The innocence of it all.

– Lucie Kim