This photo is from a business trip that I recently took to San Francisco.

My boss and I were driving to our client’s office when a beautiful fog rolled in to the hills. Because the sights were so pretty, we decided to take a quick detour up to a park with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I felt extremely disappointed when we reached the top. We couldn’t see 50 feet in front of us because the fog got so dense

I was about to suggest to my boss that we leave when I heard resounding tones coming from the foghorns below. The sound was so musical that my disappointment immediately vanished. Happiness suddenly overwhelmed me in its place. I stopped trying to spot the bridge in the dense fog. Instead, I turned around to look behind me.

The hills completely transformed into a dreamworld that seemed almost alien. Poetry was all around me in the form of tall grass, rocks, and telephone polls. I grabbed my camera and started to photograph everything that I could find. It felt as though destiny had truly created this magical moment.

That’s what Eutopia means to me. It’s a reminder to look for inspiration in the places I am ignoring. On that morning in San Francisco, an ordinary telephone poll at the top of a hill was the most beautiful view in the world. Had I not turned around to look, I might have missed it.

– Stephen Cardone