Clementine is a bi-annual journal circulating ideas for future perspectives. Each issue offers a proposition that can be considered, shared and adopted.
Clementine provides a record of ideas and inspirations guided by a specific proposition in each issue. It is personal, inspirational, and positive.

Proposition 01 :

Last year offered an array of turmoil and deep soul searching. There has been a lot of confusion, negativity, and fear. Eutopia is the happy place. A place that might only exist in memory but inspires future intentions. 

It sends an invite to share and connect.
You may use it as a guide or set new objectives. Be inspired to change and improve. Read on…

How to submit:

Per definition, Eutopia is a place of „ideal well-being“ as a practical aspiration. Compared with Utopia as an impossible concept. This is a very personal and intimate proposition. It connects to personal memory and relates to private moments. Stories that warm your heart and inspire. And yes, it might stem from a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time. But time has multiple dimensions. It means yesterday or many moons ago. You decide.

Please send an item, a photograph, a memory, an objet trouvé, something dear to your heart, an art piece, a song – whatever it may be that gives you the sensation, the vision of a happy place. It can be something very small or seemingly „unimportant“ to the world. The only thing that counts is why it is important for YOU. And then share your story about it. We would love to hear details, feelings, and deeper thoughts.

Submit your Eutopia here