When I was around 7, I remember my parents having a mini screwdriver with a yellow translucent handle. It was perfectly kid-size, and ended up being what I used to take apart the alarm clock they relied on every day. I am convinced that this was the start of my lifelong fascination with clocks, watches, and time.

In my 20’s, I lived in California and spent an unhealthy amount of time at flea markets, always looking for something to catch the eye. On one of these outings, I found an old watch in a box that had clearly been through a lot, but still had some special something about it. It was not particularly valuable, but it was also not particularly expensive, so I bought it. I liked the overly-large-ish crown and the battered (now called patinated) face, I liked the too thick ill-fitting crystal, and I liked that we came from completely different trajectories to connect in that moment. I loved that this watch had seen a lot, and clearly knew more than I did. I thought it would be fun for us to hang out for a while and become part of each other’s stories. Since it didn’t have a strap, and no spring-bar mechanism to put one on, I decided that I would make my own strap and it would have just one hole to fit only me.

I have had this watch now for almost 30 years, and I probably haven’t worn it for 20 years, or more. It no longer runs reliably, but still fits me perfectly; Funny old friend.

– Brian Janusiak