• Proposition 01: Eutopia

    Per definition, Eutopia is a place of „ideal well-being“ as a practical aspiration. Compared with Utopia as an impossible concept. This is a very personal and intimate proposition. It connects to personal memory and relates to private moments. Stories that warm your heart and inspire. And yes, it might stem from a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time. But time has multiple dimensions. It means yesterday or many moons ago. You decide.

    Please send an item, a photograph, a memory, an objet trouvé, something dear to your heart, an art piece, a song – whatever it may be that gives you the sensation, the vision of a happy place. It can be something very small or seemingly „unimportant“ to the world. The only thing that counts is why it is important for YOU. And then share your story about it. We would love to hear details, feelings, and deeper thoughts. Anonymous submissions are welcome.

    Your post will be shared on our website and Instagram. Please let us know of any URLs/accounts you would like us to include. We will contact you if your submission will be considered for the printed issue later this year.

    Images must be 1200 x 900 72 DPI. Videos will be shared via a link.

    There is no min or max word count for text.

    By submitting images to submissions@clementinejournal.com, the sender will grant MyOrb to reproduce any portion of the photo images taken for the purpose of publication which can include but is not limited to website, social channels, magazine, journal, third party publication, and promotion, without any compensation or recognition given to the sender. By submitting images the sender will grant creative permission to alter the images. The sender will release and agree to hold MyOrb harmless, its partners, and agents for whom MyOrb is acting, of and from any liability by virtue of taking of the pictures or using testimonial/ biographical data. Submitted images must be original and the sender must obtain all copyrights for reproduction.


  • You can upload as many images as you would like
    Make sure you I own the right to use all music & images on the video.
    Make sure your video does not containt unappropriate language, images, or sounds.

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